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The Belsoft Group

Divided in several companies – pursues the goal to consolidate significant operations related to the topic of information technology. The individual subsidiaries operate autonomously in well-defined fields of activities.

Belsoft Collaboration AG is specialized on communication and collaboration solutions, its integration with third party systems as well as custom-designed software development. We offer:

  • platforms to increase your productivity
  • software engineering for individual applications
  • software licensing and management

Our motto “doesn’t work does not exist” is certainly one of the reasons why Belsoft Collaboration AG has been awarded by IBM in the year 2015 with the Business-Partner Award for Excellence in Europe.

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Belsoft Infortix AG is an IT infrastructure service provider with solutions in the area of infrastructure, IT security and is also a cloud service provider. Distinction is drawn between the following categories:

  • Information technology and support from a single source for SMBs
  • Enterprise solutions: specialized solutions from high-tech sectors
  • Cloud services: from a single cloud service to the entire IT environment in the cloud

The guidelines for all our services are customer satisfaction through professionalism and forward-looking proactive focus as well as outstanding quality on services and products.

Our new Website:

Our philosophy

We have set ourselves the target to provide our customers with specialized and / or comprehensive know-how in information technology from a single source. Even though such know-how is provided from various subsidiaries, customers shall not notice that various companies are working for them. Also, customer experience shall be identical. This can be achieved by standardized general rules and principles which are in force for all subsidiaries.

The most important general rules as motivated employees, short decision-making paths, innovative products and services, high quality standard, continuity, independence as well as compliance with our ethical principles form the basis for a successful future.

Our history

Belsoft has been founded in 1989 by Urs Bühler as an individual company under the name of Belsoft Engineering.

In 1996, the individual company has been transformed into a joint-stock company. The resulting Belsoft AG had the goal to offer overall information technology across all verticals.

After 18 successful years, the owners of Belsoft AG have decided – based on strategic considerations – for an organisational change. All operational duties from Belsoft AG were divided into the two new subsidiaries and Belsoft AG has been changed into a holding company with the goal to have a parent company for the current and future subsidiaries.

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Belsoft AG | Russenweg 26 | 8008 Zürich
Telefon: +41 44 388 13 31 | Email:

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